My credits have included articles, photographs, and

short stories published in:

The Observer online

Zenger News

Newsweek online

Atlas Obscura

China Plus / China Radio International

TIME magazine  
The Christian Science Monitor  

German Life


Museum / American Association of Museums  
Hemispheres / United Airlines  
Passport / Sabena Airlines  
Art and Antiques  


Cosmopolitan (Chinese edition)

Art and Auction  
Spotlight  (for German learners of the English language)


Business Spotlight  (for German business-oriented learners of English)  
Speak Up  (for Italian learners of English)  
All About Beer  
Munich Found  
Charivari  (a German magazine about Bavarian culture)


Writer's Journal  
Writer's Connection  
Spotlight Plus  

N, the Magazine of Naturist Living

Baltimore Urban Spectrum

The Dallas Post Tribune

South Florida Times



Westside Gazette

The Tennessee Tribune

Head Topics

Viral Tab

Minority Reporter


Denver Urban Spectrum

Research contributed to:

Daily Mail Online, UK

Writing Credits from Jackie Guigui-Stolberg - Journalist in Germany, Freelancer Journalist in Germany, America-born, writer, researcher, photograph, interviewer, fact-checker

Book editing projects:

Kokoschka and Alma Mahler (Prestel, Munich, ISBN 3-7913-1722-9)
Renoir: Paris and the Belle Epoque (Prestel, Munich, ISBN 3-7913-1723-7)
Dalí: Genius, Obsession and Lust (Prestel, Munich, ISBN 3-7913-1721-0)
Botticelli: Images of Love and Spring (Prestel, Munich ISBN 3-7913-1985-X)

Book translations:

Icons of Art: The 20th Century (Prestel, Munich, ISBN 3-7913-1862-4)
Buildings that Changed the World (Prestel, Munich, ISBN 3-7913-2150-1)
The Land of Ludwig II (Prestel, Munich, ISBN 3-7913-2386-5)
Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin (Prestel Museum Guide, Munich, ISBN-10: 131713X)
Israel, with Excursions to Jordan (Nelles Guide, Munich, ISBN 3-88618-412-9)
Egypt, the World of the Pharaohs (Könemann, Cologne, ISBN 3895089133)

American Portraits 1910 - 2001 (Reiner Leist Verlag/ Prestel, Munich, ISBN 3791324845)