Jackie Guigui-Stolberg - Journalist in Germany, Freelancer Journalist in Germany, America-born, writer, researcher, photograph, interviewer, fact-checker

I'm an American-born-and-educated freelance magazine writer and photographer based in southern Germany, thirty km southeast of Munich. I'm also not far from Innsbruck and Salzburg, Austria. Before moving to Germany in 1985, I worked as a reporter at The Ridgefield Press, a weekly newspaper in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and in the international editions departments of the magazines Cosmopolitan and Science Digest at The Hearst Corporation in New York. Once in Germany, I gained experience in the photo editing department at the German editions of Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar, and was the photo editor of the German magazine Musik Express for several years before starting out as a freelance journalist in 1988. For some time I also worked freelance as a book editor and translator.


My curiosity motivates me to dive into and thoroughly research many different topics. My work is often self-initiated through my personal interest in people, places, the environment, traditions, trends in society, history and culture. Of course I'm also very happy to develop topics upon editors' requests; I relish the challenge of working my way into new subject areas. Projects in a wide variety of fields broaden my point of view, remind me to challenge preconceptions, make me a more empathic interviewer, help me to see the bigger picture and to delight in the unexpected. I have written about asparagus and Bavarian bread dumplings, homeless people, organic farming, the military, nudism, education, motorcycles, antiques, mechanical engineers, fashion, politics, cats, dogs, and cows.... Once I have finished one topic, I can hardly wait to discover the next one.

To illustrate my articles, I provide my own photographs or can find images for you from other sources.
Besides writing complete articles, I'm also happy to help you with background research,  fact-checking, or to collaborate on projects that combine the efforts of several contributors. Please also contact me if you are interested in reprinting one of my published articles. I have mainly worked for magazines, but I am also available for book contributions or online, radio, or TV assignments. I have extensive interviewing experience.


I write in my native American English. I speak fluent German and French and can also telephone, do research, and conduct interviews in Italian and Spanish. I am willing to travel for assignments outside of my usual working area in southern Germany. Whereas most of my magazine articles have been on German topics, I have also published articles from longer stays and travels in the USA, England, Canada, Ireland, Austria, and Italy.