Articles written by Jackie Guigui-Stolberg - Journalist in Germany, Freelancer Journalist in Germany, America-born, writer, researcher, photograph, interviewer, fact-checker

Here's a small selection of my publications over the years. Click on a title below to hear the podcast or read the first page of an article. Please contact me if you'd like to read a full article.


(Podcast) Biodiversity in Bavaria, Germany: Chances and Challenges                          China Plus/China Radio International

"Contemporary Witness: A World War II Veteran Remembers"                                            German Life

"Remembering Wehrdienst: The Draft in Post-War Germany"                                             German Life

"FKK - Nudism Made in Germany"                                                                                      German Life

"Brewing Monasteries: A Bavarian Tradition Dies Hard"                                                   All About Beer

"The Spices of Life" (an exhibition review)                                                                           Museum

"A Tale of Two Tongues" (Bilingualism)                                                                                Spotlight

"Munich Brewery Restaurants"                                                                                             Hemispheres/United Airlines

"The Bashful Bowl" (Collecting Chamberpots)                                                                     Art & Antiques

"Dividing Line" (Pulling down the Berlin Wall)                                                                   Art & Auction

"East Meets West" (Porcelain from Meissen and Nymphenburg)                                         Art & Antiques

"Against the Grain" (Biedermeier Antiques)                                                                        Art & Auction

"The Glamorous World of Canine Fashion"                                                                         Speak Up

"All About Shoes" (The Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto)                                                          Speak Up

"Traditional or Trendy: The Beloved Dirndl is Back Again"                                                German Life

"The Magnificent 7" (Hangar 7 Exhibition Center, Salzburg)                                              TIME Magazine

"Degenerate Art" (Artists Persecuted by the Nazis)                                                              ARTS

"This is What a Snuff Competition Looks Like"                                                                     Euronews